‘Amber: Incendiary Secrets’ is LIVE!

Cam Brierley’s magical realism novel that is equal parts action and character-driven is available for purchase in paperback or ebook format.

Amber: Incendiary Secrets Front Cover

Read on if you love emotional roller coasters, unlikely heroes and battles-of-self where victory is key — essential, even. 

Amber: Incendiary Secrets is an emotionally-charged young adult novel that will appeal to the dreamers, daredevils and rebels who are looking for a story that will speak to them.

15-year-old Amber Drendall’s life has always been tumultuous, but it descends into chaos when she attracts the attention of the United States government. She’s unknowingly been roped into a conspiracy that could threaten her and her family’s freedom.

The weeks that follow will test Amber’s resilience, relationships and ability to control her emotions. She’s navigating supernatural abilities that she doesn’t understand yet, all while she’s supposed to be in third-period Physics.

It’s a gripping magical realism tale of world-changing power in young people’s hands that will resonate with fans of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and Marie Lu’s ‘Legend’.

Who will emerge from the ashes: a young girl who’s conquered her own nature or a stranger that’s been consumed by it?

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