Amber: Incendiary Secrets is the best writing I’ve ever produced. Originally a messy, passive voice-laden first draft of 142,000 words, I’ve refined each page, paragraph and sentence to a lean 87,040 words. 

After honing my writing through Star Wars fanfiction, I came up with the novel’s premise in the summer of 2019. I love stories that put power in young people’s hands to see what they do with it. More, what other people do when they become aware of it.

That’s why I wanted to write a story that dealt with magical realism in a young adult book; where the protagonist has to navigate life and coming-of-age with the asterisk of having revolutionary powers that the government is very eager to exploit. 

In Amber: Incendiary Secrets, the supernatural, sky-high stakes of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ meets the theme of young protagonists battling situations beyond their age from Marie Lu’s ‘Legend’.


A missed homework assignment in September. A government manhunt by October. Amber Drendall’s life is anything but ordinary.

After learning that she’s far from a normal teenager, Amber’s world is flipped upside down when she becomes the target of the United States government for abilities that even she doesn’t understand yet.

But things become personal when Amber’s parents are implicated in her abilities. She’s going to have to embrace her true nature if she’s to save them, even if it ends up hurting her the most…